Charlie Louvin (grandaddy) Movie Released!

The movie that has been in works since before my Grandfather’s illness was released on DVD last week.  I cannot wait to see it, and wanted to share the press release about it here….see below.  and check out for more information


check out their facebook page 

a nd this other great article about my Grandad

Gifts of Grace Holiday Shop

Next Saturday our church will be hosting its second annual Gifts of Grace Holiday Shop and we are in the process of looking for donations, volunteers, clothes racks, and anything else someone feels led to give to us.  I’m writing to ask my prayer warriors to pray for this event and also for anyone to help us promote this event so that those who need it can hear of it.

This shop is truly one of my passions and I’m so excited for its second year!!  There are so many people in our small town who because of the economy and just life circumstances won’t be able to provide gifts for their children this year and I’m so glad to see the church of God stepping up to create an opportunity for them to be able to do so!    Our flyer is below, if you can promote this somewhere, put up a flyer, or know someone who knows someone, let me know.

No matter what, whether you are local to Winston or far, far away, I ask you to pray for this event and pray that we may be able to shine God’s light to our community this Christmas season

update…dog + house

it’s been awhile since i’ve just updated anyone… and i’m not even sure who reads this.

life’s been pretty busy the past few months and emotionally tolling at times, but this little guy that we got in september has made it all a little easier!!

we got him in September.  His name is Pisgah (you can tell why from the sign).  He’s great!! I’ve never had a dog so it’s so much fun to be able to have a puppy (minus the potty training factor…).  He’s a beagle jack russel basset hound mix so he’s a weird one, but we love him!! He loves people but not so much other dogs of any kind.  He’s terrified of them, so we’ll have to work on that one.  We got him at 3.5 pounds as you can tell in one of the pictures and he’s now 10 lbs, so he’s growing!!

In case it’s been that long since I updated…we also bought a house in July…

Here’s a slideshow of all the past few months events!!

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if you want to see more pictures, you can if we are facebook friends.

Those are the 2 BIG updates of the past few months…there will be more updates to come as I start my NEW JOB!! (snuck that one in there) the week after thanksgiving!! Pray that it goes well for me!!

would you buy these??

So, I’m in a crafty mode, and want to make things to make a little extra money for the holidays, and provide holiday gifts to local gift-givers, AND make a little extra to provide holiday gifts to those who can’t provide gifts for their families…. so I’m throwing out this idea.  If I were to start making jewelry holders like those pictured, would you buy them?  There would be 2 options….the bigger one…and just a board with holders.  See the pictures.

If these were sold for $25-30 for the board and $35-40 for the full size one, would you buy them??  I’m playing with this idea….  What about a key hanger for about $20?  I need your feedback.

disaster relief

some days i just feel compelled, desire, wonder what life would be like or how it could be possible to…..

just quit my job and travel to tuscaloosa, alabama or joplin, missouri, or even still places affected by Katrina and just be there with people.  rebuild, search through, comfort, wash clothes, provide a meal, and walk alongside people through disaster.

there was a time where i contemplated moving to gulfport, mississippi after college. after the experience i had on the mission trip where we rebuilt homes.

i have a heart for the forgotten, the neglected, the overlooked. and many times that has caused me to be burdened with this feeling that when disaster strikes, i want to help. i want to be with the people affected, build relationships, see their needs and find a way to meet them. bring others with me.

this is my heart today.  it weights even more heavily upon me when i see the ‘struggles’ i face in my day to day life revolving around things such as ‘will the copier work today’ or other things.  that is my heart. there is a disconnect.  i pray i will be able to reconcile the disconnect and God will reveal to me how this burden can be lived out.  red cross? i don’t know. i just have a measly bachelor’s in psychology, i’m looking into social work, but is that where I’m called?  or can I serve the way my heart longs without it?  i don’t know. please pray alongside me.

the undeniable influence of Charlie Louvin

I found this article about my grandfather on the Saving Country Music Blog.

On February 22, 1956, Elvis Presley played a concert at the City Auditorium in Waycross, GA. Opening for Elvis that night were two brothers, Charlie and Ira, a gospel duo called The Louvin Brothers. In the crowd was a 9-year-old boy, a native of Georgia, born and raised in Waycross. How that boy felt about Elvis that night is uncertain, but The Louvin Brothers left an indelible mark on him that he would carry for the rest of his life.

That 9-year-old boy had a somewhat troubled youth and ended up in a boarding school, but eventually he got straightened out enough to attend Harvard University. Years later on the back of a hotel message pad dated March 8, 1969, he wrote to an old boarding school buddy who had requested of him an essential list of music, “Any Louvin Brothers record will do.”

After Harvard that same boy ended up on the West Coast, eventually hooking up with a traditionally psychedelic band as a salaried keyboard player. Once in the band, he began asserting his Southern influence and taste, eventually compelling them to completely change their direction and sound to a country feel, to record their next album in Nashville instead of LA, include a Louvin Brothers song on that album, and even play the Grand Ole Opry.

Even though that kid from Waycross, GA never became a huge superstar, his influence on music could still be felt on a national level, and it crossed genres. He became good friends with Keith Richards and Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones, and heavily influenced the sound on albums like Let It Bleed and Sticky Fingers. Now with a little money in his pocket, its said he paid people to scour the record stores of LA, looking for rare, out-of-print Louvin records. He also discovered a Country Music Hall of Famer by the name of Emmylou Harris.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, that boy from Waycross, GA was Gram Parsons, possibly the greatest ambassador for country music that has ever lived.

With The Byrds, Gram recorded The Louvin Brothers composition “The Christian Life.” He also recorded the Louvin song “Cash on the Barrelhead” on his solo project Grievous Angel.  Louvin music was essential to selling Emmylou Harris on the “simple beauty” of country.

“I want to play you something,” said Gram to Emmylou. Emmylou sits down and listens. “Who is that girl singing the high part?” Emmylou asks. Gram replies, “that’s not a girl, that’s Ira Louvin.”

Emmylou’s first #1 hit was “If I Could Only Win Your Love,” written by The Louvin Brothers.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

It might be easier to list the country music legends who have NOT covered Louvin songs than the ones who have. I’ve always tried in my musical journey to find the source of good music. For example when you hear those great 70′s Rolling Stones records, you can trace them back to Gram, and then back to Charlie: like mining the true generation of the song to get at the heart of it. And when you do this, you find so much music originated from so few people, and one of those people is Charlie Louvin.

As part of the grass roots support for the mounting medical bills from Charlie Louvin’s cancer treatment, Judd Films is making a DVD of his recent show at Foobar Too in Nashville. In conjunction, Keith Neltner has released a limited edition of prints, with all the proceeds going back toward the DVD project. The prints can be purchased at Neltner Creative, 14 of which are singed and hand embellished by Keith himself.

And if you want to explore the relationship between Gram Parson and Charlie Louvin more, look into the album Hickory Wind: Live at the Gram Parsons Guitar Pull, Waycross, GA.

new year-ness

the word resolution is overdone….so i’ll call mine new year-ness.

this will be my first year married.

first year out of college.

first year away from my family.

and I’m sure many more firsts.

so why not make it count?

I’ll edit this over the next few days/weeks, but I really want to start setting more goals AND writing them down. Goals are more likely to be accomplished if written down.

1. read AT LEAST a book a month

2. go to the gym 3x a week

yes stereotypical thus far, I realize

3. find 1000 geocaches with Tom

4. sleep outside a minimum of 12x this year

5. learn to ski

6. Run 3 different 5k races

7. read through the bible chronologically by December 31, 2011 (thanks YouVersion!)

8. see out of state friends at least twice

9. prayer journal daily

10. take the GRE

11. develop a hobby inspired by Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Whitney Sewell, or Jes Jensen

12. travel to 5 new states

13. go on (at least) one mission trip

14. try 2 new recipes per month (AllRecipes, Pampered Chef, friends…)