puppy humor

so Pisgah (our 5 month old Jack-a-bass-a-bea) had been doing pretty great lately about not tearing things up, except socks we left lying around, and even then, he’d just chew on them….

So, we decided to give him back his bed, just to see if we could actually buy him a newer nicer one that would last….

I didn’t want him to rip further in the original holes, and he loves sheets, so i had the redneck idea to put it inside a fitted sheet and just see if he’d sleep on it, rest on it, whatever.

Yesterday afternoon he was great, slept on it, pulled it around, nothing too harmless.  Last night, slept on it some….

Today we’re eating lunch, he’s being awful calm, and we come upstairs to an EXPLOSION of little brown fuzz everywhere and the dog violently tearing his bed apart….pictures to follow.  Figured you could start your week off with a little humor.  In a later blog, i’ll share the recipe for the GREAT lunch we had (homemade chicken parmesean)

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update…dog + house

it’s been awhile since i’ve just updated anyone… and i’m not even sure who reads this.

life’s been pretty busy the past few months and emotionally tolling at times, but this little guy that we got in september has made it all a little easier!!

we got him in September.  His name is Pisgah (you can tell why from the sign).  He’s great!! I’ve never had a dog so it’s so much fun to be able to have a puppy (minus the potty training factor…).  He’s a beagle jack russel basset hound mix so he’s a weird one, but we love him!! He loves people but not so much other dogs of any kind.  He’s terrified of them, so we’ll have to work on that one.  We got him at 3.5 pounds as you can tell in one of the pictures and he’s now 10 lbs, so he’s growing!!

In case it’s been that long since I updated…we also bought a house in July…

Here’s a slideshow of all the past few months events!!

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if you want to see more pictures, you can if we are facebook friends.

Those are the 2 BIG updates of the past few months…there will be more updates to come as I start my NEW JOB!! (snuck that one in there) the week after thanksgiving!! Pray that it goes well for me!!