Gifts of Grace Holiday Shop

Next Saturday our church will be hosting its second annual Gifts of Grace Holiday Shop and we are in the process of looking for donations, volunteers, clothes racks, and anything else someone feels led to give to us.  I’m writing to ask my prayer warriors to pray for this event and also for anyone to help us promote this event so that those who need it can hear of it.

This shop is truly one of my passions and I’m so excited for its second year!!  There are so many people in our small town who because of the economy and just life circumstances won’t be able to provide gifts for their children this year and I’m so glad to see the church of God stepping up to create an opportunity for them to be able to do so!    Our flyer is below, if you can promote this somewhere, put up a flyer, or know someone who knows someone, let me know.

No matter what, whether you are local to Winston or far, far away, I ask you to pray for this event and pray that we may be able to shine God’s light to our community this Christmas season


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