Sticky Faith

After the National Youthworkers Convention in Atlanta last weekend, I feel so ready for our next year of ministry and so equipped.  I am so thankful that God has given all of the seminar and big room speakers the gifts He has given them.  Most of all, I am thankful that none of these people are too proud or too busy or too full of themselves to not be personable with “the little people.”  One thing I’m learning in ministry is the complete and utter lack of “little people” and “big people” personas.  We’re all just one big family trying to point teenagers/young adults/youth toward a radical, faith-filled relationship with God through Jesus.  It’s amazing.  After I got back, I was able to sit and chat on facebook with one of the seminar speakers.  We sat and honestly and earnestly just downloaded some struggles and life lessons and were just able to be two women of God sharing our experiences with one another.  It was beautiful!

Now, onto what in the world “Sticky Faith” is all about.

This book was easily the most promoted resource of the whole conference.  So much so that it sold out and we weren’t able to get a copy of it until we got back home.  There’s a youthworker and non-youthworkers version, and, naturally, we have the youthworkers edition.  I started it yesterday afternoon and WOW is all I can say so far.

It’s interesting to me that much of the research (if you look at the timeline) is based off of people around my age, yet is timelessly relevant to todays young people.  I encourage ALL of you who work with or care about young people to get your hands on this book immediately.  I’m on chapter 3 now and already have learned valuable lessons about getting teenagers to move beyond a “gospel of sin management” and a “red bull gospel” to something that Sticks!  Sticky Faith.  Genuine relationship, not a list of rules, not a God who shoots lightning bolts or is only there when you’re being a “nice person” but a genuine relationship with our Creator.  I can’t wait for the rest of the journey, but I had to share this interesting tidbit that I would LOVE your feedback on…

(“Sticky Faith” by Dr. Kara Powell

The beginning of Chapter 2 discusses that many young people involved in the study, even at their senior year of college (the end of the 6 year study) were unable to clearly articulate “what does it mean to be a christian?”  How would you define it? ? Please discuss below…


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