disaster relief

some days i just feel compelled, desire, wonder what life would be like or how it could be possible to…..

just quit my job and travel to tuscaloosa, alabama or joplin, missouri, or even still places affected by Katrina and just be there with people.  rebuild, search through, comfort, wash clothes, provide a meal, and walk alongside people through disaster.

there was a time where i contemplated moving to gulfport, mississippi after college. after the experience i had on the mission trip where we rebuilt homes.

i have a heart for the forgotten, the neglected, the overlooked. and many times that has caused me to be burdened with this feeling that when disaster strikes, i want to help. i want to be with the people affected, build relationships, see their needs and find a way to meet them. bring others with me.

this is my heart today.  it weights even more heavily upon me when i see the ‘struggles’ i face in my day to day life revolving around things such as ‘will the copier work today’ or other things.  that is my heart. there is a disconnect.  i pray i will be able to reconcile the disconnect and God will reveal to me how this burden can be lived out.  red cross? i don’t know. i just have a measly bachelor’s in psychology, i’m looking into social work, but is that where I’m called?  or can I serve the way my heart longs without it?  i don’t know. please pray alongside me.


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