I just have to ask…for real…

I have to know….

As I sit here watching the Grammy’s, honestly disgusted by many of the “artists” performing and winning awards for their “talent,”  I have to know….

Have we really gotten to the point where it is perfectly fine for Rihanna to a)lip sync  on stage, b)grind on whoever that was while barely covering herself, and c)sing a song about forgetting her name after having ‘relations’ with several different men, while practically begging the men to whatever.  Is this what we have deemed quality? Acceptable? Mainstream?

Have we also gotten to the point where Rihanna and Eminem can sing a song blatantly about domestic abuse and be nominated for “Album of the Year?”

Where Black Eyed Peas can “sing” at the halftime show, be exposed that they are talentless without electronic dubbing, and we just brush it off as ‘bad mics?’

Ke$ha can sing sings about brushing her teeth with alcohol, partying forever, and going out and having sex with whoever until the next morning and we will deem it ‘talent?’

A song has to be RENAMED to be aired on TV?  (The song otherwise known as forget you) I just learned this one tonight.

A woman can dress up in raw meat, have practically pornographic music videos, autotune everything, and win “Best female pop vocalist”?  (Lady Gaga)

I could go on and on, and this is not meant to be simply a rant about our current media, it’s meant to make you think, to be a call to action, to get you to step back and think and look for a second.

Is this what we have deemed quality? If so, what does this say about our respect for ourselves, others, and our general level of intelligence culture-wise?

If it is acceptable to sing about domestic abuse, forgetting your name because you slept with too many men, brushing your teeth with alcohol, and writing songs that must be censored/renamed to be talked about….what is this saying to those growing up in this society about what’s appropriate?

We CANNOT blame teenagers.  Too many people say that it’s their fault, they choose what they listen to, etc etc.  Yes, this is true, but we, those old enough to work, those in the industry, those working for the media, etc, we have allowed this.  Money. Runs it all.  Many things can come back to greed, but that’s a whole other story.

This is a call to thought, a call to action, and honestly, a call to prayer.  How much worse can we get?  We have songs with obscenities in the names, songs about domestic abuse being sung by domestic abuse victims?  What’s next?

We have the choice.

As Christians, we are called to be in the world and not of it, (Romans 12:2), and that’s not easy as anyone can tell you.  We’ve discussed this recently in our youth group at church with the kids, and no one has said it’s easy, but there is quality christian music out there.  It doesn’t always have autotuning and meat wearing artists in it, but you won’t be filling your mind with the above.

Think about this, share your thoughts, please.  And please pray for those growing up in this society, I know teenagers say that life is much harder now than it was when “the old people were young,” but let’s face it, it is.  Facebook, Twitter, texting, and the internet in and of itself has created a more hostile, connected world than any of us, even those of us still in our 20s could have imagined.  There are many teens I see several times each week who have chosen to be different, chosen to life a life dedicated to directing people to the love of Christ, to the relationship with God, a life of love, and community, and living for something greater.  I am constantly impressed by their ability to refocus, to seek more, to recognize what this Godly life can offer, even through the struggles of their messy lives, they long for more.

So pray for this generation.

Pray for our media.

And those of you working in this industry, yes it makes money, but aren’t we selling our souls for a dollar? Aren’t we knowingly corrupting our culture for a dollar? Is it really worth it?


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