new year-ness

the word resolution is overdone….so i’ll call mine new year-ness.

this will be my first year married.

first year out of college.

first year away from my family.

and I’m sure many more firsts.

so why not make it count?

I’ll edit this over the next few days/weeks, but I really want to start setting more goals AND writing them down. Goals are more likely to be accomplished if written down.

1. read AT LEAST a book a month

2. go to the gym 3x a week

yes stereotypical thus far, I realize

3. find 1000 geocaches with Tom

4. sleep outside a minimum of 12x this year

5. learn to ski

6. Run 3 different 5k races

7. read through the bible chronologically by December 31, 2011 (thanks YouVersion!)

8. see out of state friends at least twice

9. prayer journal daily

10. take the GRE

11. develop a hobby inspired by Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Whitney Sewell, or Jes Jensen

12. travel to 5 new states

13. go on (at least) one mission trip

14. try 2 new recipes per month (AllRecipes, Pampered Chef, friends…)


3 comments on “new year-ness

  1. cmduvall1986 says:

    I love all of your ideas. You guys really got my husband and myself into geocaching after I read your engagement story. Thanks for sharing and good luck!

  2. Lindsey Jo says:

    try for recipes too. i like it more than allrecipes..

  3. "Jes Jensen" says:

    AGH! I’m so honored to be named on your blog, Ms Kimmie Clu! Especially alongside Whitney… her crafts inspire me too!
    If you need ANY recommendations on books (of the fiction sort) let me know! I LOVE/LIVE to read.
    Love and miss you. Hope I’m one of those out-of-state friends that get visited!

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