curveballs of life

life throws curveballs at you. alot.

nothing you cannot handle with the strength of God from the Holy Spirit. I remind myself of this daily because a lot of curveballs have come my way these past few months, weeks especially.  nothing i can really talk much about, but just pray that I would daily be encouraged by the strength and peace of the Lord. that He would renew me, that I would die to self and live solely for Him.  that others around me would do the same.  that those going through difficult times would be renewed in their strength and that miracles of healing would be performed. God does not give us more than we can handle, sometimes it’s just hard to understand why he gives some people so much to handle though. I trust Him, i know He has a plan and a purpose, but sometimes it just seems that things are undeserved. i guess that is the old “why do bad things happen to good people?” argument, and I don’t know. that’s the only answer I have.

just pray that work-wise, i’d remain focused these last 2 weeks and that distractions from home or work would not negatively impact my quality of work. that i would die to self daily. that i would rely on His strength for all and always carry my burdens to Him.

pray that personally I’d not keep my emotions bundled up inside, that i’d deal with them, that i get to talk them out. for strength, peace, and understanding. i can’t say much more, but just pray for strength for those closest to me as difficult times arise and continue.

thank you


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