There seems no end to where You begin and there I am now

rambly blog begin….now.

we are halfway through our summer and it has been amazing.  it has been nothing like i expected, but i went in with as little expectations as possible. i’m now a coffee drinker, no more soda/carbonation. i’m becoming a morning person and beginning to see the value in getting up before everyone else for a little quiet time. at the end of the summer, i’ll have a brand new appreciation for beds with springs and non-locker room showers.  i thought i’d get sick of paint, still loving it. i LOVE minnesota. in the summer, no way i could live up here in the winter. a “heat wave” here is 80 degrees. it’s hardly humid and the skies are bluer, trees are taller and greener, and the 10,000 lakes are actually blue. yesterday we got to go canoeing with a group near the headwaters of the Mississippi river and it was beautiful to say the least.

i love my job. plain and simple.

yes it’s hard to get up early every day and have 3 groups of 8-10 students each from different churches with adult leaders who may or may not communicate with each other dispersed around the city doing very different projects all needing different tools. all the while, i’m shuffling back and forth, hoping no one messes anything up, hoping no more purple paint is spilled in my van and the kids aren’t being attacked by res dogs or falling off ladders, but i wouldn’t trade this summer for the world.

it’s amazing to see what God does through these kids. this week, they painted the inside of one of the three local churches, installed insulation on the outside of it after digging 5 foot trenches, and scraped paint off of a local business owner who’s struggling’s home in order for us to paint it this week. part of me wishes i had tons of pictures to show everyone, but this summer has been, for me, much more about being present and living and embracing the moment rather than living through a camera lens or a spreadsheet.

this summer is exactly what God needed for me to have. every experience (good and bad) has been just what He needed me to have. each day, I cannot in any way function unless i die to myself and allow Him to simply use me as His puppet in his grand show of life. I can do nothing, it is all Him. This job has been the perfect job to continue the “get over your control-freakness” journey God started in me awhile back and put into overdrive in January.  kids are everywhere, doing a million different things, and no day is the same, much less each hour within that day.  I am constantly planning and replanning and changing plans and creating back up plans and all the while praying that God makes it work out because i’m running on 4 hours of sleep. to the me of a year ago, this would suck, but this is the best summer ever.  this is exactly where i need to be, at the end of myself at nearly every second of every day so that God can step in and do His thing.  it’s a beautiful collission (aaannnd david crowder is now stuck in my head).

God’s been doing great things this summer in me, this community, and the kids who come. it’s encouraging to see so many youth come with expectations of disliking the week or no expectations whatsoever and to leave changed forever because of God.  because of the work God allowed us to give them to experience. because of late night ‘church group time’ with an awesome worship leader.  because of children who misbehave constantly just crying out for attention. because of paint chips or dirt trenches.

i cannot express enough gratitude for those of you who have been praying for our team and me personally. continue to be in constant prayer for us and send mail. we’ve met so many amazing kids and adult leaders who have encouraged each of us in different but perfect ways.


-everything is pepsi here….which makes it so hard not to drink soda

-there are so many things i do not miss about the south, i wish i could just move my favorite people here for the summer

-i can’t believe the summer is halfway over

-canoeing=new favorite thing

-4th of july pow wow soon

-i love my job 🙂


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