asking for prayer

i don’t know all the specifics yet, but my grandfather is sick. please pray for him.

he has been diagnosed with stage 2 pancreatic cancer and is going to have a very intense 6+ hour surgery on July 22 to hopefully remove the cancerous parts. there will be a 90 day recovery period after he is allowed to go home from the hospital. the surgery is intense, hopefully it will work.

his birthday is this week, July 7, and he has been invited to be in Asheville, NC at Warren Wilson College at something called the Swannanoa gathering to help teach a seminar on bluegrass music, which is really exciting. I’m so honored to have such an amazing grandfather who gets to do such awesome things.

He’s one of the hardest working most resilient people i’ve ever met and it hurts so deeply to hear that he is hurting and having to deal with this.  he should be retired currently from music, but his motto has always been “as long as the good Lord lets me and people still want to hear me, i’m gonna keep on singing and traveling” which is amazing to me. he’s 83 years old and randomly travels the country in a tour bus to sing at random places for random people. amazing. while he is aging, he denies it and keeps on going with his life.

i ask you to pray that this will not consume him, i ask you to pray that he will remain strong, that he will be healed, pray for a miracle. i ask that he will still be able to sing and do what he loves as long as possible. he will likely have to be out of work for 90 days after the surgery and i know that pains him because he wants to be out singing. it’s also hard for me being up here in Minnesota away from my family, away from him, unable to go see him, or them.  pray for strength for them, for him, for my grandmother.

i’ve only ever had one grandfather, and have always been super proud of him and want to see him honored in a miraculous way in his lifetime for what he has accomplished, what he has done, and his humble spirit.  he’s super important to me and is an amazing man who deserves to be able to enjoy his old age, so i pray that he will miraculously healed and i ask that you pray for him, for comfort for my family, for strength.


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