wow, halfway through

yes i’m still here in Minnesota. a longer blog will (hopefully) be written soon. we have internet once a week on Saturdays for an hour or so, so I have not fallen off the face of the earth, just not online.  Things are going amazingly here.  I can’t believe we’ll be filling out our “Mid Summer” paperwork after this week. I love this city, these people, the fact that 80 degrees is a ‘heat wave’ here, the lakes, the trees, the water, the kids who come, the homes we’re serving on, everything.  I have done nothing here this summer, it has all been God, and He has done SOO much. It’s been amazing to just watch Him work with me as His puppet.  I’ll share more later, but just wanted to let you all know things are going well.  Keep praying and sending mail.

Things I’ve learned about the north:

-cheese curds….what are they? DQ has them, i’ll try them soon

-a “hot chicken sandwich” means its covered in gravy, not spicy

-it’s “minneSOAta” not the way i’d traditionally say it

-there are no Chick Fil A‘s or Sonic’s up here….I had to explain to a kid what a Chick Fil A was, sad day…

-80 is a heatwave…which is awesome

Paul Bunyan (who I still think was fake) really was a big deal apparently….

that is all for now. continue to pray. I miss you and love you all. see my facebook for pictures


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