minnesota thus far

i love it here.

the sunsets really are as beautiful as people say….and I’m not even to the reservation yet.

the people really do talk all “donchaknow” and such…it’s true. and southern hospitality has been left at home. people aren’t rude, but it’s not an automatic response to open doors, say thank you when people refill your drinks, and when my bags fell over, no one offered to help…its just a different culture. not bad, just different.

training is…wow. so much stuff shoved into my mind in such a short time on little sleep. it’s not officially a camp, but there is SO much to know. all of the responsibilities of running a site (there are only 5 of us in charge of it all) including building, youth orientation, adult leader orientation, rules, community standards, cultural differences, what native american reservations are like. PLUS all the responsibilities of my role in work projects: securing projects, community relationships, setting up accounts at hardware stores, mixing paint in 30 gallon trash cans, good vs bad vs oil vs latex paint, lead paint safety, cultural things, and more! its overwhelming, but it’s worth it.

my team is awesome. plain and simple. we mesh well together, we’re fun, it’s awesome. pictures soon from our wednesday night out where we all went to a sculpture garden at the edge of Minneapolis. we have stuff scheduled from 7am til 11pm.

this is right where God wants me to be. i’m overwhelmed, i can in ZERO way do this without Him. i know that on a level i’ve never felt before. there is no way i would be in this job had my life not turned upside down and been beautifully wrecked and pieced back together by Him over the past 6 months. it’s been a journey, but i wouldn’t have it any other way. i’m right where i need to be and i know that. it’ll be hard this summer and there will be days i feel like a failure, but i ask that those of you reading this, those of you at home, pray for me, please. i’ll need it. there will be days where i am running on fumes and simply a vessel of God because i have no energy. i hope those vessel days are everyday, hopefully the fumes will only be toward the end of the week. i love it though. when we are at our lowest, our weakest, the point where we have zero clue what’s happening, that’s where God meets us most. and carries us through.

one thing that has been reiterated throughout training has been that the same God that has carried us throughout all of our lives, and our journeys to YouthWorks is the God that will be with us this summer. this is comforting when I’ll feel alone. comforting that He loves. just overall a peace.

about this organization, it’s such a humble one. the CEO and the COO of the organization have both humbly come to us in a genuine sense and just laid it out on the table and encouraged us and walked in our shoes. it’s very encouraging.

i said back in January-ish that i wanted a job where i’d get paid to take youth on mission trips to awesome places and get to do construction projects and get paid for it.  funny how God works when you just let him isn’t it? 🙂

i miss you all at home. i miss hanging out with you. i miss bowling. and those of you who weren’t at home but we talked more regularly, i miss our facebook messages and text messages. but trust that this is where God has called me to be and pray for me in that. let me know how I can be praying for you and encouraging you and i will do the best i can. i am away, but i am not gone. i have stamps, paper, pens, and envelopes and want to be there for you as much as i can.

i miss tom too, but we’re each where God called us to be for the summer. while that is 1284 miles apart, different time zones, and neither of us have much spare time to talk, i trust that God has a plan. i also get to be married to that wonderful man of God in 150 days, it’s just hard missing him right now.

i love you all. pictures will be on facebook momentarily.


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