2010 just keeps getting better

as i sit here waiting on one of my best friends i haven’t seen in 2 years to arrive, i reflect back on 2010 thus far… WOW.

a friend of mine used pictures one time to describe her year with brief captions…and i think i’ll do the same, words cannot capture the awesome-ness


January 2010 was easily the most emotionally turmoiltuous (if that’s a word) month of my life. My mind was consumed with personal things, i was stressed, it was my last semester of college, love life, my best friend had just moved away, and i work at a gym so that was crazy. it was a crazy month to say the least. and i was, as usual, going a million miles an hour. until the last weekend….when snow blanketed the entire city of nashville shutting it down. freezing and icing me in, and forcing me to just take a day and think about my life. to realize how blessed i had been. to realize that god covers all. it was beautiful.


no picture here really. not because it wasn’t exciting, but because i lost my camera for a month 😦 february was a beautiful month. a start of new beginnings and the old being rekindled. it was perfect. spaghetti factory. sleep. school. the realization that i really was going to get to go on the trip to Nicaragua, and becoming even closer to some new friends. teach for america interview this month too.


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i finally got to go on an international mission trip and wow. i had no idea what to expect, except that God would show up. He did. i saw Him work through my friends, myself, in the faces of the children, in the volcano. i felt Him when i slid down the volcano to i thought my death.  God was ever present throughout this trip in every possible way. i became closer with friends, began to see my life in a new perspective, and felt God forcefully pushing me toward missions for the summer even more. i had prayed that i wanted a job where all week i got to do mission trips and got paid. my wonderful, now fiance, Tom suggested “oh you’re going to come back from Nicaragua and want to do youthworks” i had no idea what youthworks was, but after 2 minutes of him explaining, i immediately applied, and interviewed the day after getting back to the States. God works in miraculous ways.

March was also my first camping trip. Fall Creek Falls. little did i know that it was preparing me for an even better trip in April 🙂  waterfalls, trenches, colorful fire, cider, hot chocolate, and a perfect weekend. at this point i thought 2010 couldn’t get much better. turned down teach for america…i’m not a math teacher.  took youthworks. got in the car, went camping. beautiful


yay i’m engaged!!! this could be the longest post ever, so i’ll just direct you to the most perfect engagement story ever it seriously could not be a more ‘us’ story and i get all smiley and cheesy just thinking about it.

April also allowed me to be a leader on a mission trip from my home church. we traveled to lynch, KY and worked on creating a community center for the kids of the small mountain area. through this, I really felt God prepare me for the summer and affirm my role with Youthworks.  oh yea, i got the Youthworks job.  just an awesome month.


it is now may. i am still packing. will update later


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