nashville :(

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I had no idea that that Cumberland breached its banks until late this morning, (Monday). At first, this was somewhat exciting — just blown away to see such water. But now, to see that people’s homes are being flooded, and many people killed, the reality begins to hit home. Titans stadium taking on water; Opryland Hotel under ten feet of water; my old house on the river, flooded out. Very sad. Here’s also a link to a nice video shot by a local person. More images that I shot today, about an hour ago:

Downtown and Lower Broadway. River over its banks. Incredible amount of damage. Click to enlarge.
From EastNashville side of the river, from the new bridge. Click to enlarge.
The brand new Symphony Hall, finished only last year.
Joes Crab Shack, Second Avenue. Horrible food; sometimes karma just gets you. Good riddance.
Grounds and parking for Titans football stadium. Beyond surreal.
Industrial area, around Memorial Bridge.


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