why i love apple

oh customer service at its finest. i never want to own a PC.

My computer just freaked out, the battery told me it needed to be replaced, and the computer shut down. I called apple once I got it turned back on, immediately was able to talk to a live human being, told him what the problem was and my serial number, he pulled up some info, checked my warranty, walked me through a few simple steps, and Alphy is back up, running, and fully functioning, all in 15 minutes.

If this had been a Dell, this would have taken hours, calls to India, potentially shipping pieces around the world, etc etc. But with Apple, I call them (in California), they fix my problem, I’m on my way.

computer problem solved in 15 minutes by a real human being with no hold time and no automated crap=perfect customer service=why I own a Mac.



One comment on “why i love apple

  1. Whitney says:

    you must be under warranty.. it certainly didn’t go that way for me

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