blankets brought by snowglobes

If every Nashville winter were like this one, I could deal.  It has been at least 10 years since I have actually seen a solid inch of snow in this town, much less 4-5.  Breathtaking would be an understatement to describe the way it looks.  Currently being snowed in while my roommate braved the weather to get to work, I have resorted to poaching braver soul’s pictures.

Those who know me best know that I typically resent weather and cold weather just leaves me frustrated.  Because it never actually snows here, it just ends up being 30 degrees and raining.  Yesterday, that all changed.  This is the first actual winter in Nashville I have ever experienced.  There’s something about snow that makes life much more peaceful.  The world shuts down and is quiet, even if it’s only for a day or so.  While color typically vanishes from sight, the blanket of white perfection reminds us to take notice of the small things in life: birds, squirrels, bright scarves and gloves, etc.  This encompassing silencing white blanket of tiny flakes of wintery perfection is a perfect image to me of the blanketing grace of God.  Sometimes in our lives, we just need a reminder that no matter what is happening in our worlds, no matter how busy we get, no matter how much stuff we have going on, the blanket of grace can and will encompass that and silence all of our fears.   It can silence all of our concerns, worries, worldly desires, and just simply remind us to be still and rest in Him.

Being still and resting in Him has been a constant reminder in my life lately, the snowpocalypse is just another gentle message of it.

2nd avenue is one of my favorite streets in all of Nashville.  The beautiful blanket produced by the snowglobe of Nashville has shut it down.  Centennial park remains another one of my favorite places around the city, also shut down by the snow.  Only occupied by a city-wide snowball fight yesterday afternoon.   Everything in life hits the pause button during a snowglobe and we become 5 years old again, unable to look away from the beautiful mess pummeling down from the clouds above.  Snowball fights, snowcream, chili, fireplaces, sledding, snowmen/women, and community all become momentarily valued again during a snowstorm.

If only for a moment, take comfort in the snow.  Take comfort in the world shutting down because of it.  Allow it to remind you of the blanketing grace of God.  Allow yourself to be reminded that no matter what we try to do, how much we try to read our bible or pray constantly, no matter how many good things we do or how awesome our resume or GPA are, none of that matters without the grace of God.  We cannot do this thing called life alone, and that should be a comforting, not terrifying realization.  That notion should be something we surrender to, not steer clear from.   Accept the grace, stop trying to do awesome things or clean up your lives before. Stop thinking that God will not accept us just as we are and His blanket of love and grace will not cover everything we have.  After all, the snow covered all of Nashville despite anything didn’t it?

Take a look at some collected pictures below…


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