life. in minutes

i’d like to say i’m not much of one for countdowns, but that would be a lie.

counting down gives you a fresh perspective if you look at it right. you have “x” amount of time to make awesome before “z.”

Here are my current countdowns….which make me realize how fast life really does happen.

15 days (22050 minutes) until my regional and subject/grade preferences for Teach for America are due…

44 days (63,455 minutes) until I go to Nicaragua for Spring Break

46 days until I find out if I have been accepted to Teach for America

107 days (155,014 minutes) until I graduate college…

205 days (295593 minutes) until my other best friend gets married…

When you put life in that perspective it can look terrible, or make you more proactive.  I choose to be proactive.

I choose to look at today as the only January 20, 2010….ever. and make the best of it and make it awesome. I have few new years resolutions, but I do want to have a better perspective on life, live more in the now, and be more decisive.

one last countdown…

(hopefully) less than 2 hours until I see Kelsey for the first time in almost a year!!


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