taking a non-snowy snow day

today, January 12, i’m taking a personal day.

after the at&t repair man (hopefully) comes between 8-10am, i’m turning off my cell phone, turning off the internet, and probably turning off the music and simply taking a day. i need it.

if you need to get in contact with me and its an absolute emergency…..i dunno, i guess call my parents or something. i’ll check all the messages wednesday morning, but i deserve and need a mental health day, and January 12 will be it.

time has been moving so fast lately and yet some things are just not working themselves out. and i need a day to just rest and be with myself and God and just pray and relax. i’m a control freak who’s not so good at simply relaxing, so pray i’ll be able to.

see you wednesday!


One comment on “taking a non-snowy snow day

  1. Josiah says:

    I get it. Shutting of my cell phone is probably one of the most liberating/empowering things I can physically do. Also, it really helps you focus in on what you want to do. Go for it, enjoy!

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