boats and fruit (cliffs notes version)

seeing as how it is 12am on Christmas and I am on my parents’ computer with an extremely loud keyboard, this post will be short, but updated later.

God works in funny ways sometimes.

My last post is about (in short) how i feel like I’m sitting at the edge of the boat in life, testing the temperature of the water and even dangling my feet over, but not getting out.  I have zero clue what this means for me, i just feel like I’m sitting at the edge of the boat and i need to get out.  it all sounds highly philosophical which runs a high risk of my mind overanalzying it all, or does it?  I feel God wants me to get out of the boat and walk on the water, but that’s as far as the feeling goes at times.  i don’t know what that necessarily translates to or how that looks in life, i just feel it deep within me.

i wrote this post just before/as i started reading Bruce Wilkinson‘s “Secrets of the Vine” which i finished about 10 minutes ago.

amazing book, you should read it. i bought it for 50 cents and its only 128 pages. you have no excuse not to.

I’ll go into more detail about it when I’m on a better keyboard and its not 12:15am on Christmas, but the last chapter of the book is about how the book is written for those who feel they are sitting on the edge of the boat of life and God is calling them out of it into a life of abundance. WOW.

it’s not a coincidence that that feeling is stirring deep within me just as i read this book. not at all. i just have to figure out just what ‘get out of the boat’ looks like in my life.

for now, though, I must get to bed so Santa can come 🙂


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