wow this makes me sound like an angsty teenager

this kinda made me laugh. its one of the few times i can actually rhyme in what i write, but here’s another from sometime back in late high school/early college i think….

what happened to simplicity
the rose colored glasses are gone
and reality has set in

disney fairytales do not exist
perfect relationships are a lie
people lie and stab you in the back
and yet i cannot cry

love is not so easy
friends are miles away
and yet i am just mad

i trust no one
and i worry
and yet i wonder why
when they are right there
right there
always by my side

i know they will not leave me
and i know that they care
i know that they love me
but yet i am so scared

i want to love them too
and i know that i do
but i want to feel it deeply
and i want to know they do too

i’m being dumb
i’m worrying
i know its all alright
so why do i feel this way
under the bright moonlight

i know there’s nothing i can do
but bow my head and pray
and give it to my Father
and He’ll take it all away

He’ll take away my worry
He’ll take away my pain
He’ll take away my anxiousness
and love me yet again

He never ceases loving
He never turns his back
He’s always there to find us
when we come running back

His love surpasses all
His comfort eases best
He loved us first and last
oh how we are so blessed

we take this all for granted
we take this all so light
we never see his love around us
in the darkness of the night

we fill ourselves with crap
and wait until we snap

we look for joy in earthly things
and not the love He brings

we find ourselves wondering
and often blundering
amongst the earth’s felicity
and missing the simplicity

simplicity arises
when we put our faith in Him
and trust the Lord with everything
even when it’s grim

even if we’re not alright
and worry every night
trust in Him
and we just might
be rescued by the light

and yet i cannot cry


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