its amazing how our true desires remain constant

January 31, 2007 i apparently made a list of all the things i wanted to do…you’d think i wrote this recently if you know me

i want to take pictures in one of those cheap overpriced photo booth things….as retarded as it is, i think its cute

i want to take a random roadtrip

i want some starbursts

i want to dress up…not like in a dress, but i have this really cute shirt and no reason to wear it

i want a kiss in the rain or the snow

i wish i wasnt so reliant on the internet and my cell phone

i dont want to be scared of the future, i want to embrace it

i like random scavenger hunts, they’re cute.

i want to lay in the middle of the road again…wait its too cold for that..maybe later…

i want to travel….badly

i want to experience a new culture

i want a hobby

i want to be independent from my parents…..but i’m not ready

i want to try new foods…

i want to learn another language

i want to let go of my fear of letting my guard down around those closest to me….and feel things as deeply as possible

i want to never be stuck in a job i dont enjoy

i want adventure, surprise, and randomness to always be parts of my life

i want to learn to cook, healthy food…or anything besides things in the microwave


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