found old blog entries

so i found a long forgotten old blog of mine and found several entries that were fun to reread…figured i’d share.

i found a poem i wrote when i was 14…freshman in high school.  i used to think i was a poet, but i think that’s part of being a teenage girl. writing random love stories and poetry from our minds…

here it is


I always like love the best
Sometimes it lasts forever
And sometimes just for a mere spilit second
And when its there
Its everywhere
It’s the best feeling in the world
Everything inside of you just ties itself up
Not into knots, but into cute little bows
Your whole life just seems perfect
And the person you love
All their flaws just disappear
And they just become perfect in every way
And everything they do is so sweet
And you remember allt eh details about your time with them
And you cant fully concentrate on anything
It just feels so right
Like you’ve known the person forever
And they’ve always been there
And when you’re bored
And staring blankly into space
They cross your mind
And you just smile
Because words cannot express your feelings
No words
Just a smile
And when you see the person
The whole world around you seems to stop
And you just want to hold on to every moment
Savor it
As if it is life itself
But you cant
You might miss yout
If you do
on the amazing moments yet to come
but even if its just a split second
love is just as wild, crazy, and amazing
as if it is forever


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