i want to be great.
i want to change the world.
don’t we all?

with graduation looming at ~7 months away, i’ve contemplated the future alot lately, which is not unlike me.  people ask what i’ll do after i graduate, i have no idea.  i want to help. i want to serve. i want to be around people. i want to be building relationships and furthering people’s desire to see Christ in their world and live out His calling in their lives.  some would say that the latter limits one to ministry, but that is far from true.  the latter is simply a lifestyle, Francis Chan and his podcasts remind me of this lately.

if someone were to ask me what my dream job entailed, i’d answer ‘consulting.’

a broad answer, i realize, but i like to help people move closer to goals they desire. i like continuous improvement.  i don’t believe in mastery, i believe in continuous improvement.  consulting helps people realize continuous improvement should be a style of being, at least i’d like it to.  consulting offers a flexible work environment as well as schedule. consulting introduces you to different environments, people, places, etc.

early in college i was fascinated with “the Bobs” from Office Space, and still am to an extent.  i loved their jobs.  while they’re part of a dark satirical film about corporations, their jobs still fascinate me.

i want to help people.
i want to help them do what they desire to do.
i want to walk people through expanding their visions and seeing their dreams come through.

this could be in guidance counseling.
this could be in event planning for non-profits.
this could be in ‘development’ for a non-profit
or something entirely different

i’m not sure.
i’d like to shadow some of these jobs in the coming months and just see how they actually function.

if i could create my own job, i’d love to be an educational consultant.  i’d love to devote my life to improving educational systems one student at a time and help those involved in these systems realize that the change happens with the students through those involved in the process.  change in education does not happen simply by having better trained teachers with higher college GPA‘s from more fancy schools.  change will happen through nurturing students as individuals and helping them reach their full potential.  this change must be systemic.  for more info on my current research into school stuff, see my blog for my independent study (

i’m enthralled by the idea of being a consultant.

i don’t want a lot of money
i don’t want fame
i don’t want fancy stuff

i just want to help people better themselves, their lives, and their organizations through reminding them that their focus need not be on themselves but those around and affected by them

for the educational consultant stuff, i find myself wondering if i need to (in order to be effective) pay my dues to the system and work within the system through something like Teach for America before i start trying to change it.

if i go to graduate school, shouldn’t i teach a bit before i try to put myself (mentally) in the shoes of teachers and students when i give them advice someday?

shouldn’t i work my way up from the bottom in order to be effective on the top?

it seems simple to me but i don’t know how it’s actualized in the world of work

it’s not simple to just create a job out of simply the ideas above.
it’s not simple to just have a job at all in today’s economy

i know what is meant to happen will happen and if i lean into Him i will be where i need to be, i’m just trying to do what i need to do to end up there when and where i need to end up there.


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