the little things

God works in mysterious ways, I like it. He oftentimes tends to leave little hints in our lives, I think. It at least seems that way to me.

Tonight, working at the Y on a shift that I had just picked up for someone else, taking a tour I honestly didn’t want to take, I met a girl who moved to Nashville recently to teach for Teach for America. A pretty normal tour, new people move to Nashville all the time for random things, especially new college grads. It’s a great city. If i didn’t already live here, I’d move here. But what made this tour different was that for several weeks I’ve been considering looking into Teach for America more. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve scavenged the website for about an hour and found out alot of the basics, but I didn’t know anyone who worked for TFA or was in any way affiliated with the program until today. I’d been telling myself to somehow find someone in nashville who taught with the program and get to see how they liked it, but I had no idea how to go about this. Then, randomly, on a night I don’t even normally work, I meet this girl.

This was nothing super special, it just happened to be something I needed at the time. Just a little reminder of how He works in our lives and how he puts people in our lives that we need to meet.

The Bridge (where I taught this past summer, see here: ) was also oddly placed into my life. I had sent out an email to several random YMCA employees looking for a serving job working with teens for this past summer and through a grapevine of emails, the Bridge was revealed to me. It was a hard summer but a great summer that I wouldn’t trade for the world and it was randomly dropped into my lap by Him.

Throughout my days, I find myself constantly seeing Him in little things all around me and they make me smile. This school year I need to personally read more of the Word and just read more in general. I don’t have cable, so hopefully that will mean I’ll do more reading, but we’ll see.

Over spring break, I had finished David Crowder’s “Praise Habit” which I highly recommend to anyone looking for a great short book to read. It really got me started looking at life as full of little reminders of God. Since then, I’ve noticed so many random little things that just remind me of His beauty. The puddles to stomp in during the rain and the sunshine on humidity-less days like Monday. The smiles on babies and small children’s faces and the smiles on the old people that come into the Y. The butterflies and the cute puppies. Just the random things I see all around me that remind me that He made all of this and we were also made in His creation. I love it. It just makes me smile, that little smile you can’t help but have. 🙂

Back to Teach for America for a second, I’m considering looking into it and possibly applying, so pray that God will help me with this decision in the next few months and pray that throughout the busyness of school, none of us lose sight of the little things He puts all around us to remind us of Him.

One thing that stuck out to me during my conversation with the girl I met tonight was when she was talking about why she was doing the program. Her words were, “I don’t know what your feelings are about God, but this is just my way of loving these kids.” Whether I participate in the TFA program or not, I want a job where I can say something similar at the end of the day. A job where even if I cry to get through it, I can know at the end of the day that I am loving someone the way Christ loves me as part of my job. 🙂


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