exploring nashville

so i plan to explore the city i love more over the next…however long.

i plan to explore at least one new place per week.
i also need suggestions of places to explore.
so suggest away.
–Cannery Ballroom
–the Red Pepper (east nashville)
–Ugly Mugs Coffee
–Bonjo Java DONE. awesome.
–Clothing Xchange
–Greenhouse (green hills)
–Gigi’s Cupcakes (CHECK!! AWESOME)
–recheck out The Farmer’s Market
–I Dream of Weenie
–Urban Outfitters
–Brueggers Bagels Bellevue CHECK
–Bellevue YMCA CHECK
–pickin party at Warner Park on Full Moons
–Tin Roof CHECK
–Otter’s Chicken Tenders
–Belcourt Midnight Movies

2 comments on “exploring nashville

  1. Whitney says:

    I'm confused…. Red pepper is an advertising agency. Why is it on your list?

  2. Whitney says:

    Also Pangea and anthropology are good although slightly pricey shopping

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