educational leadership project, i need your help

so this fall, i’ll be doing an independent study project on educational leadership in the k-12 sector of American schools

to avoid retyping something i’ve already written, here’s the proposal i submitted to the management department about my project:

For my independent study with the Management department, I plan to study leadership in the educational system. In this assessment, I plan to interview teachers, principles, and policy makers about what leadership means to them in their careers and within the world. I’d like to look at effective leadership styles utilized by educational leaders who encourage their students to discover their passions and have a deep love for learning. I feel that these leaders are the most effective, and I would like to discover where these talents are and how they can be spread across our educational arena in a much more broad way. I would like to discover what differences exist between America’s public, magnet, private, and other special interest schools. I believe that differing leadership approaches exist in each of these arenas and I would like to look at effective leadership in education from an analytical perspective. Are the teachers who ignite a passion for learning in their students trained to do so, or is it a natural talent? How can we create more of this talent? Do policy makers encourage or discourage this type of educational leadership? What can be, has been, or needs to be done about this?

I believe that educational systems should be invested in more, but I also believe that a surge of servant leadership needs to be applied to this system. Students need to be invested in by the leaders within education. Three key questions about this that I have are: Where does this happen? How does it happen? And ‘How can it happen more?’

I will research schools, talk with educational leaders and policy makers and look at the work that has already been done to answer these questions.

Educational leadership

Interview teachers/principles

Look at policy

Montessori=encouraging interests

Why dont we do that

How can we do that

How do the teachers/principles that do that do it

Talk to students

Special training?

Can you train that?

System should encourage servant leadership

Investment in students

Look at books on subject

if anyone has any resources that they think could help me with this project, please let me know because i want to try to gather as many sources as i can before the semester starts so i can hit the ground running on this project


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