college is ending soon-ish

i know i have a year left of school, well until may, but it’s gonna go SO fast and i don’ t know what i’m going to do afterwards.

i’m unnaturally comfortable with not knowing what i’ll be doing, but i find myself browsing graduate schools and various job program websites.
i’d like to be a guidance counselor eventually, preferably in middle or high school. i never want to work in an elementary school, it’s just not my zone.
the bridge really opened my eyes to education and low income/at risk students. i love that group. yes, there were difficulties, but i have a heart for the neglected students. students neglected by the system and ignored by those who can do anything for change.
i’ve found myself browsing Teach for America‘s website and i’ve also found myself considering looking at Education programs at Vanderbilt. i’m not really sure what i want to do, but i could see myself possibly teaching, but i don’t have an education major or minor nor do i know anything about educational teacher licensing. we had a Bridge orientation at KIPP Academy in Nashville which seemed pretty cool. it’s a charter school.
i just really want to do something awesome. i once wanted to be a business woman and was (still am) obsessed with the movie “Office Space,” but now i’m not content with that. i want to change people’s lives. i want to work with youth. i want to do something awesome for God and i want to be radically different from the status quo. i am not content simply working in corporate america. i, ideally, would love to work to fix the education systems of america, but i need valuable experience before i get to that point, so i’m trying to figure out where to start that journey…
not really sure, just throwing ideas around and seeing who shares their thoughts.
feel free to share thoughts/resources.

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