anxious about the summer/need a roommate

this summer is going to be interesting. the job situation is a leap of faith so pray that it goes well for me and that the financial part of it works out. then comes the fall. i’m moving to nashville. i wasn’t sure it was going to work at first or if dad would be up for it, but it’s the plan.

i’ve found a great place, 15 min max from work backways and just off of 440 on the residential side of west end right behind MBA but i don’t have a roommate. i met this girl today who i think we could be great roommates but she’s renting out her house (which was also very nice) over closer to belmont, but i’m still so attached to this apartment over off of west end that i dont know what to do. its nestled behind in some greenery, it’s spacious (for what i need) and safe and has a pool. and rent is AMAZING for the area, just the lack of roommate thing is holding me back from it. if you know of anyone, let me know. please please please.
i get my doubts about this job because of its low pay and the fact that it’s now interfering with the camp i want/am going to volunteer at in july. originally i was going to guatemala next week, but that got cancelled along with my other two mission trips. bummer. but i know God has something else in store for me, just the summer has gotten all jumbled numerous times.
what’s stressing me out right now is finding a roommate for this place on west end. i LOVE this place and i really want a good roommate.
i’m nervous to move to nashville but it feels like home to me. i’m just anxious right now to get it all figured out. i also am rambly and want to write more but sitting here in Whole Foods i realize i have to be at work in….10 minutes so i will leave this as too be continued, but if you know of anyone looking or if you are looking, i have pictures!!

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