bang bang

life is complicated and messy.

it seems like the news (not suprisingly) is filled with mostly stories of death, sickness, war, etc lately.
the news has been this way for awhile, as a child, i remembered wondering why there were always stories about ‘bad people’ on tv. as i grew older i realized that violence sells. thats just the way it is. but that’s not the point of this short note. that is the case and no matter how sad it is, that will always be the case.
but it seems like there are a lot of shootings lately.
shooting cops.
university shootings
kids shooting parents
parents shooting families
the usual angry boys shooting each other
but since the economy has tanked, the number of shootings out of nowhere has seemed to rise sharply. this is to be somewhat expected because of the overall psychological changes experienced by mass amounts of people, but why are we so preoccupied with guns?
i hear so many people freaking out that obama’s gonna take away all the guns or something of that nature, but does that mean that we can just shoot more? does that mean we all need to have a gun?
its kinda odd to me.
but the rise in shootings scares me. people panic and do stupid things. we don’t need guns just laying around. i’m not gonna sit here and go all anti gun, it just seems odd to me that we feel a need to have them and that shootings are seemingly on the rise in odd areas. fathers are killing their families and themselves to prevent the family the burden of the economy. school shootings are happening randomly. people are randomly shooting ‘for a cause.’ and its scary i think. and unnecessary.
oh and i just read a story about swine flu and it kinda got me thinking. i dont even know what swine flu is, but all of the top 10 stories on CNN were about something negative and it disgruntled me with the news again so i blogged for a split second.
off to sleep finally now.

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