the other side

what will our country look like on the other side of this recession?

i’ve been pondering bits and pieces of this question for months…moreso recently as i see it affecting more and more in much deeper ways.
it hurts me.
not because i lost my job or was significantly impacted by it, but because i see so many people struggling out of no fault of their own while golden parachutes are everywhere.
i still have my job and while my hours have been cut and our budget is negative by a LARGE chunk, i still have a job. i still have my family and they still have their jobs. i have a wonderful boyfriend who, despite bumps in his job because of all of this, still has his job and gets to live in the wonderful city of nashville.
yes, my summer internship did disappear, and this summer i will make in 6 weeks what i made in 10 days last summer, but this job will be more rewarding. i’m excited, nervous, scared, and anxious about it all at the same time.
but all of that aside.
this recession scares me.
honestly, i have doubts that, as a majority, the country will be able to learn from this.
this is a time to learn about frugality, to realize that we need to cut back on individual spending not because there is no money but because we got completely ridiculous.
credit cards are bullshit.
yes i have one and yes i use it, but i have never not paid off the balance and never intend to leave a balance on it except if i finance a car or a house.
but we have lived credit card lifestyles for far too long. we have inflated our worth, our stock markets, our chests, and anything we could. but for what? so that we could look better to the people down the street? so we could say ‘oh i have….whatever’? so we could be seen in that fancy car or list that rich street when we recite our address? NONE of this matters. america has become a culture of celebrities and it has got to stop!
i hope that we will be able to learn from this and see the value in loving people and community once again.
i hope that we will be frugal and responsible and giving with our money AND our time.
i hope that we will invest in the future generation and not simply strap us/them with a larger burden than we could ever imagine.
i hope that we will reinvest in programs on our country such as education, poverty reform, and healthcare that have been neglected and allowed to balloon or fail.
but i’m sometimes afraid that we wont.
i’m sometimes afraid that only a handful of us see that this is what needs to happen.
or i’m afraid that we think we will only have to change temporarily before we can go back to our artificially inflated lives.
this scares me.
and it should scare you.
i’m not sure if i’m the only one who feels this way, please share if you do too…
i did a presentation on servant leadership today. i find the topic intriguing. the notion that we should serve the people we lead and lead them second. the notion that the people on top should not be on top of a pyramid but rather a leader among equals. the notion that people should be valued as just that: people. not a means to an organizational end. organizations and leaders should serve those they employ and build them as ‘whole’ people as Covey suggested later on.
this all makes sense to me. but it does not get put into place. why? because its messy and as americans we like to take the easy way out. look where thats gotten us.
if you’d like to take a look at my presentation, here it is (the fonts got a little changed up in the Mac to PC transition)

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