today is a blah day.

the weather outside dropped 30 degrees and it is now cloudy.
a tornado ripped through a section of local businesses yesterday in murfreesboro which leaves me worried about their future in this economy.
yesterday was a glorious day (aside from the weather toward the end of it)
drove around nashville looking at areas and just seeing what kinds of apartments were where.
browsed Whole Foods for the millionth time enjoying all the wonderful-ness of samples
spent the day doing ^ with my wonderful boyfriend
it was great.
today i find myself in a blah state and missing a lot of things and people.
i feel selfish when i get like this because i am blessed with so much right now, but i do get like this, i guess it’s only human.
i miss the friendships of sophomore year first semester.
i miss the small school atmosphere
i miss living in nashville
i miss having my best friend closeby
i miss the days when ‘figuring out life after graduation’ was so far off
i miss carefree days driving around nashville after class and driving down hillsboro road late at night
i miss the days before the economy collapsed
but those days are not today.
i know i have to get over that and deal with it, but for just a second i’d like to point out that i miss them.
i’ve been more seriously debating moving back up to nashville in august.
it feels like home.
yes its more expensive, it looks like it would actually be ~$1600 more for a year lease up there than a year lease at a 2br where i am here. there are other opportunities to live somewhere down here, but i miss up there. like i said, it feels like home. hillsboro village suits me. 12th ave suits me. downtown suits me. being close to home, cool springs, franklin, etc suits me. i just don’t have a roommate to do that and dad’s worried about that. i also don’t have anywhere definitive to live but i wouldnt be doing it til august anyway so i could figure that out. it would mean i’d commute all my senior year which i don’t think is a bad thing since i already drive up there 2-3 times a week and i’d drive down here 2-3 times a week for class. doesn’t seem like too bad of a deal, does it? (you have to know me and know how i feel about nashville to understand this i guess)
next semester’s classes look pretty good so far aside from sensation and perception. i’ll have an independent study for my management minor with a great management teacher, psychology of close relationships, psychology of adults and aging, and any other electives i want to take. i only have 22 hours left to take so i can take much lighter semesters than i’m used to which will be nice.
i interviewed for a great job this past week that i hope i get and i plan to turn in my Barefoot job application this week so hopefully the summer will come together nicely, aside from making hardly any money.
i just cant help but find myself feeling…i dont know what the word for it is (and its probably just the combination of this crappy weather and school) about life right now. i want to move up there, but i’d need a roommate who can guarantee me a year and a place to live. i want to actually just move back to Navarre Beach, which was awesome and everything was perfectly fine and great there so that would be the ideal situation. i’m just not sure right now. it’ll all work out fine, i know this, but for now, i feel a bit off about it.

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