i want to feel at home where i live.

but where is that?
where is that at what time?
i must have the three semester itch.
three semesters ago i moved here.
now i have an itch to go back to nashville, but i may not return until january, if at all.
i miss it.
i miss small school.
i miss people from everywhere.
i miss caroline and our sonic trips and nsync.
but i live here now.
my school is here.
many of my friends from early in college are scattered across the country which is a beautiful and annoying thing at the exact same time.
this city has some to offer, mostly just school.
nashville has a ton to offer, my job is there, the only hope of me getting a promotion at that job would probably be if i lived there.
i hate this.
i hate being stratified like this.
i dont want to leave whenever (august or january or hopefully not as far out as may) and regret it or miss the boro or need to be closer for whatever reason to school.
my semesters will be tuesday thursday only with a sprinkling of online and independent study classes so its not like i’ll need killer 5 day a week school.
nashville is expensive though.
parts of it.
its all more expensive than the boro, especially more than a current offer in the boro 🙂
but its my city
its where i feel at home
its what makes me smile
it has my city-ness and parks and a whole different (and refreshing) breed of people
i’ll figure it out.
i just needed to write part of it out.

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