learning: what’s that?

i love college.

simply put.
i love discussion classes.
i love papers for interesting classes.
but only if the teacher is effective.
if he/she stimulates and encourages discussion, creative thinking, and has an open mind.
^this is what all teachers should be like primary, secondary, or university educators are investing their time and efforts into the future of the world and need to take that seriously.
soapbox aside.
what would America be like if we as a society actually valued education because it encourages learning not simply because it is a means to an end
now what do i mean by ‘means to an end’?
go to class
do assignments to get a score assigned to them which you will be judged by
you will become a number and judged solely off of numbers and the first 6 letters of the alphabet for the first 12 years of your schooling (once you get to college you may sadly find the same)
you show up every day just to do something to get to graduation to get to wherever you choose to get
you show up so that 12 years from then you can get a piece of paper that supposebly says you’re a worthy member of society.
^this is what education has become
we no longer value learning or going to school to further our knowledge in something
and educators know this
*sidebar* not all educators suck nor is it all their fault, but we have such low standards for education that we make it nearly impossible for them to be as effective as they need to be*
educators know that kids dont care
that parents simply want kids to have a degree/diploma
they don’t necessarily want their kids to be ‘well rounded’ or ‘knowledgeable‘ or ‘critical thinkers’
this is
and unacceptable
yet we have allowed it to happen.
everyone knows the education system needs a complete overhaul
but before we can allow this to happen and get fired up about it and actually cause it to happen we have to reinstate the value of learning in the majority of people.
other countries recognize it.
and we soon will see how that has paid off for them
just wait, it will happen in this economy crap.
our entertainment based country that sees education as simply a means to an end will not be on top soon and we will have no one to blame but ourselves. not simply our government. not simply our policy makers. ourselves.
we have sat on the sidelines and accepted crappy educations.
not that we could have done too much but we need to do something now.
we need to create education systems utilizing socratic seminars at young ages that encourage discussion
we need to find ways to allow students to find and develop their passions
we need to encourage those passions
we don’t need everyone to be like everyone else
some kids are good at math, they can have more classes in math. others HATE it and should be able to focus more on what they have a passion and skills for. at a younger age. i realize this is what college is based on, but passions and skills can be squelched out far before some kids even make it to college, so we need to start these things earlier.
we need to pay teachers so they dont have to get second jobs to pay their rent and can focus on their students
we need to build community
we need to do an overhaul of the education system and allow it to happen.
it will be messy to make things actually acceptable.
kids will fail.
schools will fail.
teachers will be fired.
tenure should cease to exist.
it will cost money.
it will require time.
it will require a restructuring of where our values/priorities lie in our country.
corporate crap and the bottom dollar will NOT be at the top, and should not be.
and these are the exact reasons why we don’t do it.
it costs money, time, and effort and will make people mad.
and heaven forbid we actually do radical things in this country that could help us.
we take the easy way out in EVERY facet of society and look where we are?
think about it and share your thoughts.
and do something.
if anyone has any opportunities for me to work with fixing anything to do with education, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know.

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