ever wonder if in the pursuit of doing a task, our rules/regulations/policies/etc get in the way of actually accomplishing said task?

i know that’s pretty general but i think that we’re allowing our bureaucracies to get in the way of our missions far too often in every facet of life:
it seems like every single day i find myself in a situation where it would be much easier to just get something done the right way but i have to subject myself to the ‘policy‘ on how to do something or the ‘policy’ gets in the way of doing what’s right or what makes sense.
people get fired over stupid stuff all the time that had nothing to do with ethical issues, simply bureaucratic BS.
teachers constantly want you to format a paper a certain way in a certain font or else you get points taken off. what is that crap? as long as the content of the paper meets standards and the paper is legible and free of grammatical/spelling errors, why do the fonts and margins matter?
at work there are little ways of doing things that make no sense but we have to follow them because ‘corporate’ sent them down. has corporate ever worked the hourly jobs that we work and seen that their ‘policies’ don’t make a bit of sense. this doesn’t happen too often at my current job, but when i worked at target it happened ALL THE TIME. it was ridiculous. something could get done in a super effective manner, or we could follow the corporate mumbo jumbo and screw it all up and make people complain. hmmmm….see a problem here?
at church, we get so caught up in getting pissed if someone says the word ‘shit’ that we fail to even listen to what they were trying to say. we get so wrapped up in fitting into a checklist way of being a ‘christian’ that we miss out on the mission of a life of service and love. it’s sad. and it angers me.
i’d like to refer you to a note that speaks to this a bit: “Mad”
^please read that
this is not meant to be an in-depth note about all of my thoughts on bureacratic BS, it’s just meant to get you to think.
we get so wrapped up in HOW we’re doing something that we fail to even do it the way it needed to be done in the first place, if we even get it done.
(i don’t mean to use the church as an example all the time, but i think if we could change ourselves from within the church we could change the world a lot)
people at church get so wrapped up in praying the right way, saying the right things, wearing the right clothes, not saying cuss words, not doing this or that or whatever that we fail to serve the world. the world thinks we are hypocrites and gay-haters and wants hardly anything to do with us because we’re just a bunch of bible thumping rule setters. this is sad. this is not what the church was meant to be. read acts. read “crazy love.” read any of the bible or talk to any of the many youth ministers or preachers who have been fired for trying to ‘bend the rules’. we get so wrapped up in all this crap that we not only don’t complete our mission, but we often fire those within the church who have realized how stupid the bureaucratic crap is.
at work. we can all think of examples, i’ll leave that to you to reminisce about the times you realized there was a better/more effective way to do something but couldn’t because of ‘policy’ and then the project didn’t go as well as it could have.
we care more about the bottom dollar than the people.
this is a whole other note in itself but it ties into this notion of bureaucratic BS somewhat.
we have begun to treat people as a means to a goal.
we have begun to neglect people as people and see them simply as a way to get what we want.
who cares about their emotions, feelings, self worth?
we do this in work.
we do this in church.
we do this to our friends.
we do this in everything.
we neglect getting to know people because that requires emotional investment and time which we apparently see as too precious to give up to others.
we neglect helping another person in need out because this might also require emotional investment or even financial and why would we want to help out ‘that’ person, they’re homeless or poor or smelly or whatever.
we are all a few steps away from being ‘that’ person.
to go churchy for a sec, jesus was ‘that’ person.
jesus loved ‘that’ person
we are called to love ‘that’ person
yet we can’t get out of our selfish bubbles and see past our own noses.
in a time like this in our country, we need to all get over ourselves, foster a renewed sense of community, and love one another despite whatever shortcomings they may have because we are no better than anyone else.
if we could all take a step away from following a stupid rules list and could see that bureacracy is not the answer to everything, we would be a much better place.
i agree there need to be rules and there needs to be structure, but the structure should not be so rigid that anyone who questions or opposes it is stoned (fired, shunned, etc). that’s BS and not getting us anywhere but into a depression.

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