beach week

spring break 2009.


Navarre, FL. a small random dot on the map that no one’s really heard of because it’s an old person beach.
it was the most beautiful beach i’ve ever been too.
it wasn’t crowded.
it wasn’t touristy.
it wasn’t spring break-y.
it was perfect.
i spent my days (11am-6pm) on the beach, ate dinner, chilled, slept til 11am the next day and did it all again for 5 straight days. it was glorious.
we discovered Whataburger on our journey too which happens to be the greatest burger in fast food history yet Tennessee doesn’t have any. it was so good we went twice.
this blog is scattered, it sucks, and i apologize to you who are reading it.
we also discovered that although old people beaches are calm, clean, and friendly, that EVERYTHING closes at 9pm, even the bars. not that we were planning to go to a bar but we assumed that a restaurant with a bar would be open past 9pm, nope, wrong. even KFC was closed at 9. weird. so we ended up at waffle house and got weird looks that we were in Waffle House that late. it was an odd feeling. try it sometime, go to a Waffle House in an old people town past 5pm, you’ll be looked at funny. and the people under 30 in that town HATE living there apparently. every person we met would just tell us to go to Pensacola or Ft. Walton or Destin. i found it hilarious because this place was perfect but no one ever loves where they grow up.
ok i’m tired.
more later



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