sweet spot

i’m desperately searching for the ‘sweet spot’ God has called me to be in. i know that He has a reason for wherever we are at whatever time of life, yet i long desperately to be in the place where He has designed for me. In “Cure for the Common Life“, Max Lucado calls this our ‘sweet spot’ in life. the place where we can fully use all of the gifts given to us at full capacity and where we are fully satisfied in God because we know we are using all of our gifts for his glory.

i want to be here.
i feel used where i am. more than i used to, but i want to live my life in my sweet spot.
i think that ‘sweet spot’ is a relative term though because life changes, things happen, and the thing i really need to do most is develop and recognize the gifts He has given me and use those to my fullest extent every day in every aspect of life.
at the youth weekend i worked last weekend (quest) david nassar challenged everyone to spend 40 days giving up something we probably spend too much time doing anyway to spend time in the word. the theme of the weekend was sola scriptura, and we were challenged (ok it was mostly for the youth but the counselors were challenged as well) to commit alongside the students of our group to read the word earnestly for 40 days. starting today, the 40 days will end on easter.
how beautiful is that?
today, to be honest, i didn’t read. i got wrapped up in so many things and just neglected it but starting tomorrow i’m starting a journey of getting back deeper into the word every day. God reveals him deepest through the words He originally spoke, who would have thought?
i ask for your prayers that i will not only fully commit myself to this challenge but that i will challenge the 10 girls in my group from this weekend to do the same and that God will stir up a great work in them and that their love for him will overflow to the middle schools they attend and that a revolution will be awakened in my generation and in theirs that God is love.
we all know that but do we know what it means?? most of us don’t. i challenge you to discover this.
but back to what i was saying…
just pray that i can be a light to them and that they will be challenged and lean closer into God through the tough times of middle school and that God will speak through me to them. I felt Him doing so this weekend and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
i felt in my sweet spot when i was ministering to these girls.
today was the career fair at school for summer jobs.
i found some interesting stuff to look into. there was an internship at NES that would give me the corporate america crap but idk if i want it.
then there were potential opportunities with maryland farms Y working with youth that could be promising.
then i am going to look at the inner city youth development center at the downtown Y
THEN there was this AMAZING camp i found. barefootrepublic.org
i’m tired and thus don’t have time to explain how amazing this camp looks but i would LOVE to be a part of it in some way.
it doesnt pay, which is kinda a downer, but i’ve learned that the best jobs in life don’t pay and i just have to find a way to lean into God through that and trust Him. ok i’m learning that.
but it looks awesome to say the least. i spent nearly 20 min talking to the girl at the table about it just listening to her tell me about it got me excited. i think it may be a God thing that i’m meant to do, i’m not sure how it will work but i want to do it.
one of my mission trips got cancelled 😦 but in theory i could spend all of july serving 3 weeks at this camp and 1 week in gulfport, MS plus y weeklong trip to guatemala in may. i’ve always wanted a summer where i serve and now it looks like its within my grasp and it terrifies me.
how will i save up money?
will i stay here or will i sublease and move home?
i wanted to move to nashville but i cannot pay rent in nashville if i’ll be gone in july can i?
i have all of these questions all relating back to that evil monster named money.
pray that i can work through this over the next little bit of time. i plan to spend spring break mulling these things over in my mind and prayers.
night all 🙂

One comment on “sweet spot

  1. Whitney says:

    lol.. i just have to mention that the 40 days concept you mentioned has been around for a long, long time… it’s called lent. our community group at new vision is also practicing it ha

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