the past few years

so i’m supposed to be doing any number of things: reading any of the books i’ve started yet gotten distracted from by school/life, Manager’s Hot Seat videos for class, figuring out my Leadership class project, anything but writing a blog pretty much yet i feel like being here.
lately i’ve been contemplating how my life has changed since i began college.  simply put it has changed tremendously and not in any way for the worse.

i have gained some of the best friends i’ve ever had, met a man that treats me like a princess, developed a deeper relationship with my parents, seen my sister grow into an amazing woman of God with strength i wish i had as a teenager, become a stronger person myself through watching her, but most importantly i have developed a much, much deeper relationship with Christ.

i’ve gone to church less in college than i did before. i don’t have ‘church friends’ like i did when i was younger and i’m not actively involved in a weekly bible study.  

i wish i was in a bible study, i miss having church friends, and i miss going to church weekly however my relationship has become so much stronger. 

through reading Shane Claiborne, Donald Miller, ‘Dangerous Wonder’, Francis Chan, David Crowder….going to Passion 2008, NYWC 2008, late night drives, coffee conversations with friends, putting myself completely out there and trusting only in God to hold me through, late night talks with the roommate i miss dearly, sonic runs, angry nights crying in my car or by the river in the city, incense, blaring Crowder as loud as my speakers can take, and just pouring myself into those around me i have found Christ in a way i never thought possible.

i want to do a little miniseries about the things that have impacted my life in the past three years or so.

i somewhat hope that you can see something interesting and maybe pick up a book i’ve read and it can change your life the way that it has mine or that you’ll be challenged to see Christ in a new way as i have, but that’s not up to me, just keep an open mind and enjoy 🙂

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