basically here’s some stuff that’s helped me, maybe it can help you

Dangerous Wonder….the most life changing book..

this book showed me a side of faith i had never thought about. i’d always heard about viewing God as my father, but i’d never really understood seeing myself as his child. it allowed me to reconnect with God in a way i had long lost in my childhood and has drastically shaped the way my faith is today….i wrote a lengthy blog about this back in the day so i’ll just share the link with you…
^said notes don’t directly mention the book, however they’re a brief synopsis of my feelings at the time.
the book changed me in an amazing way and i think it can you too…

“the greatest enemy of christianity may be the people who say they believe in Jesus but are no longer astonished and amazed. jesus came to rescue us from listlessness as well as lostness; he came to save us from flat souls as well as corrupted souls, he came to save us from dullness. our culture is awash in immorality and drowning in dullness. we have forgotten how to dance, how to sing, how to laugh. we have allowed technology to beat our imaginations into submission and have become tourists rather than travelers. television dominates our time, alters our values, and numbs us to life in all its wildness. we have been stunned by mediocrity”

awesome.just read it

i received this book as a gift. i had heard of the dude but didn’t really know much about him. he is awesome, simply put, but there is so much more to it. this book gave me a refreshing look at christianity and how ‘american christianity’ is not the christianity we are called to live.  we are called to radically change the world for christ, not simply invite a couple of people to church in hopes that they’ll become ‘saved.’  shane takes you into the heart of Christ and shows you how he is radically impacting the world and shows you why we are called to radically change things and not sit on the sidelines hoping someone else does.   he travels with Mother Teresa and shows us a side of her we forget about.  the book is amazing, just read it.
‘be the change you want to see in the world’

i recieved this book as a gift too.  after seeing francis at Passion 2008 and again at the youth workers conference later in 2008, i had to read his book.  talk about a man radically following Christ and seeking to live out the Acts church that is described to us so clearly in the bible.  this book challenges us to step away from the typical way that church is done and see that we are called to do things the way of Acts not the way of America. i got the book on christmas, and it was finished in 2 days. its a short read, but definitely an amazing one.
previous notes about this book:

i’m not typically a huge max lucado fan, but this book was recommended to me randomly during a late night telemarketing call when i was working (sadly) as a telemarketer for Lipscomb’s scholarship fund. a random elderly lady on the other line recommended it to me and it changed my life dramatically.  it talks about the power of a mustard seed to change the world and talks about how we are all mustard seeds and with the right nurturance from God and allowing Him to reveal to us our gifts, we can become the people He desires us to be.  it shed a fresh light on making plans and trying to figure everything out so suddenly.  i don’t have to do that. i need to allow Him to show me the person he wants me to become and lean into him to allow myself to become all i can, but only through him.  if you’re feeling down on life and don’t really feel like you’re going anywhere or doing anything or being used by God, read this.  or just read it for a refreshing look at how God has given us each unique gifts, all we have to do is look to him for how to use them
previous notes
Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller

This book was one of the first ‘christian’ books i read.  I had always had this southern baptist americanized view of christianity until i read this book. i became enamored with how don made christianity seem so real and so applicable.  how he talked about christianity from a very ‘unchristian’ way if you will and showed how it really is and how life really is with it and God.  this began to show me the ‘realness’ of God
here are several albums/songs that have just kinda been amazing for me….
David Crowder-Remedy
Jeremy Camp-Restored
Kutless-Strong Tower, Sea of Faces
Chris Tomlin-See the Morning
12 Stones “It Was You”
Trapt “These Walls”
Tim McGraw “Beautiful People”
Switchfoot “On Fire”
Stellar Kart “Hold On”
Skillet “A Little More”,”Open Wounds”, “Savior”, “Under My Skin”
Sanctus Real-Fight the Tide
Relient K-Five Score and Seven Years Ago…oddly enough
Pillar “Hypnotized”, “Frontline”
Newsboys-Love Liberty Disco
Miranda Lambert- “Bring Me Down”
Matthew West-Happy
Matt Redman “You Never Let Go”
Martina McBride “Anyway”, “For these Times”
Lifehouse-Who We Were
Kenny Chesney “don’t blink”
Keith Urban “stupid boy”, “Everybody”, “Shine”
Joshua Radin “Brand New Day”
John Reuben-The Boy vs. The Cynic
Jason Aldean “I Use What I Got”
Hellogoodbye-Zombies, Aliens, Vampires
Gary Allan “Like it’s a Bad Thing”
Eli Young Band- “So Close Now”
David Crowder Band -ALL ALBUMS- “…neverending…”, “foreverandever etc.”, “open skies”, “wholly yours”, “rain down”, ‘o, for a thousand tongues to sing”
Christy Nockels “Hosanna”
Chris Tomlin “God of this City”
Charlie Hall “Walk the World”, “Marvelous Light”, “micah 6:8”, “We are Yours”
Casting Crowns “does anybody hear her?”, “Who am I”, “if we are the body”, “praise you in this storm”
Carrie Underwood “wheel of the world”, “twisted”, “so small”
building 429 “famous one”, “glory defined” , “never look away”
brooke fraser “albertine”, “faithful”
audio adrenaline “this is everything”, “underdog”, “get down”
the afters-I Wish We All Could Win

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