this first part of the miniseries which probably wont end up being too ‘mini’ will be about what being a christian is and is not to me anymore…

being a christian is no longer about doing checkbox things and going to church and donating x amount every week.

being a christian is not about going on a certain trip so that you can say that you did or bringing a ‘lost’ friend to church every week for free pizza in class
being a christian is not about hanging out with all of your church friends all the time and listening to the ‘right‘ music and seeing the ‘right’ movies with the ‘right people’
being a christian is not about looking like a super conservative republican who wears the best clothes, drives the best car, and looks like a country club snoot
being a christian is not about being a big wig in the community and making sure people know you (ironically, you’re called to not go around and tell people about yourself)
america has made us think that christians are these great little people who have this cool little book with all these boring rules that only certain people have to follow and you have to look nice and have your shit together before you can join the party or else you’re just ‘ a bad christian’
that is the worst lie we could have ever been told.

its about loving people
all people.

it’s about deeply knowing God and allowing Him to know you and sharing that with those around you.  yes, God knows you whether you tell him about your life or not because after all He is God, but i’ve grown to understand that i actively need to confess to him and tell him about my life and my struggles and areas where i know i need to improve. through this i sometimes realize things i didn’t know about myself.  i think he does that to me.  sometimes we all, especially me, refuse to admit things to ourselves and don’t see them until we tell someone else about them.  this is what i’ve begun to do in my talks with God, tell him about my life so that he can show me things i’ve missed.

i don’t have to talk to him like he’s some high and mighty person looming down with lightning bolts ready to strike.  he’s my friend, my comforter, my father, my savior, my strong shoulder, my guidance counselor, my confidant, and so much more.  i can talk to him more openly than anyone else and can feel his comfort when times get hard, if i talk to him and keep up a relationship with him.

i’ve learned what it truly means to love him.
i was always told to write out a love letter to god telling him all the reasons why i loved him and how i saw his love to me but i never really did that. lately it’s been on my mind.  i haven’t written it out but i’ve thought alot about it…

who else on this earth can you say some of the things i’ve said above about? no one. no matter how amazing my boyfriend is to me, even he cannot measure up to Christ‘s love for me.

on that note, we are called to actively love those around us as we are loved by Christ.
a little over a year ago, the amazing man that God just kinda plopped in my life told me stories about how he was challenged to more actively live that out.  to love those around him as Christ loved him.
i’d never really given this much thought, i treated people well and that was good enough right?

i began to search and see how God loved me and from there i just couldnt hold it in. i wanted everyone to be loved the way i was by Christ and by my wonderful man.

he loves me more than i thought any man could and i see Christ in him in the way he treats everyone around him.  we all have our struggles and he’s only human, but he tries every day to put himself second and treat others around him with the love he feels from Christ whether they act like they want it, treat him well, or even acknowledge his existence.  he works his ass off daily for selfish people yet never gives anything but his best and then comes home and loves everyone else around him with nothing but the best love he can…it amazes me.  i don’t know how he does it, but he does.  for that i am thankful beyond belief that God placed him in my life.

he’s a great example of how to treat people and each day i strive more to pour the love God has shown me into the lives of others because i feel this is what we are called to do.  no reason to hoard something so amazing right?


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