only in tennessee

only in the lovely state of Tennessee would i be able to

scrape off ice from my car windows
freeze my face off walking to class because it is 15 degrees on thursday
only to turn on the AC in my car
wear flip flops
 and drive with all of the windows down and the sunroof open on friday/saturday/sunday because its hovering around 70 degrees.
i cannot decide if this is awesome or not.
i will say that this state has the most bipolar weather of any state i’ve ever heard of.
my friends in colorado have been either delighting in or complaining because it has been much warmer than usual this winter (~60 degrees)
my friend in texas has been wearing short sleeves most of the winter
my chicago friend is frozen
it has rained on me on my way to class when it was 10 degrees, how is this possible?
and i am a mixture of it all…mostly just frozen
and people say global warming doesn’t exist???
on the weather note…it is BEAUTIFUL today and has been all weekend.  this warm weather makes me feel more alive and myself than anything. someday i hope to live somewhere where winter consists of temperatures no lower than 45 degrees.

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