no conversation?

this semester i’m finally finished with my gen ed classes and am taking only classes for my major and/or minor, with the exception of any extra classes i want to add for my own personal benefit.

three of my classes this semester are focused primarily on discussion.  this is AWESOME to me.  one is schools and society, one is leadership in organization, and the other is organizational behavior. the last 2 are for my management minor and i’ve discovered something quite alarming and depressing.
in my business classes, which are discussion based, no one seems to talk.
no one seems to think critically.
everyone wants a textbook definition for everything.
everyone wants a concrete answer to the question.
we’re discussing leadership vs management and what defines each or the other and if they are the same or if they’re different.  a very deep discussion topic, i’ll agree, but something that affects everyone’s life every day and very few people in my class seem to even care to talk about it. they’ll ask for clarification about the question as if they’re looking for what could be the concrete answer to the question when in fact there isn’t one.  this upsets me on one level and saddens me on another.
it’s upsetting/alarming because i am a deep discussion oriented person. i love deep conversations and i love discussions. i find concrete answers to be rather boring and would rather go deeper into a subject than just take a multiple choice test. i don’t learn anything from that and in all honesty, most people dont.
yet most people are perfectly complacent with learning nothing beyond the answers to the  multiple choice questions and on a macro level, this is what’s wrong with america. among other things.  i’m not going to bash america all the time, but i am going to say that we as a general rule have lost critical thinking and our desire to dig deeper into things and people. we have lost a sense of community and have lost our desire to know and be known.  ok we haven’t lost it but we’ve begun to refuse to accept that it is natural to want these things and that is the way we are conditioned to be.
think about that and give me your thoughts.
more to come later about the state of america’s schools and my thoughts on why this is a much bigger epidemic in the business department than the sociology/psychology department but we’ll leave that for after i get done with class.

One comment on “no conversation?

  1. Whitney says:

    it must just be your classes, because all my marketing classes have been great about discussions… my psych minor classes have actually been a lot more quiet with the exception of persuasion. Journalism and mass comm classes are also great about discussions too if you have any electives you have nelson for ob?

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