outdated already?

so i’m reading my organizational behavior textbook, which was released in 2008 by the way, so it’s still fairly new by a textbook standard, and its amazing me how different business is today than it was when this book was released.

granted, i don’t know too much about business, i’m not a business major, i’ve only really had one management class, but i honestly think business admin degrees and even many management degrees are just overcomplicated common sense and psychology mixed in together with a bunch of fancy ‘theories of management.’ ie, teachable on the job.

but this textbook, in the excerpt i read for tomorrow’s class, is talking about the practices of american business and how we need to change them and restructure ourselves before something bad happens (in a nut shell). it goes on to discuss how businesses need to work to improve their product quality, employees need to be treated fairly, productivity needs to be monitored so massive layoffs are not required, financial sectors need to be monitored for underhanded deals, and on and on and on about things we need to do so we don’t end up collapsing on ourselves.

and then fall 2008 happened. and many of the warnings of this textbook happened. and thus the textbook from earlier in 2008 (even in the summer) is outdated.

this shocks me, saddens me, and angers me.

i’m shocked because it makes me realize the gravity of what has happened in our economy.

i’m sad because so many people’s lives have been turned UPSIDE DOWN since last summer.


angry because as the textbook points out, most of this bullshit was preventable. we did this to ourselves, and many of the people who are to blame (typically high level CEOs and governmental people) are not having to pay for it like the employees and consumers are. they got golden parachutes and are just doing just fine. yeah they might only have 5 million instead of 10, and yeah thats a 50% cut in whatever, but 5 million is plenty. they have NO IDEA what the majority of the people suffering for THEIR MISTAKES are having to deal with.

they have NO IDEA how the mistakes made in their companies, the underhanded deals, the short cuts, the financial schemes, everything have rippled into the economy.

every day people come into the Y to cancel their membership or change to a reduced rate because they got laid off without warning, 5 star, perfectly fine restaurants (bistro 215 in green hills) close without even a days notice to the management because ‘investors just don’t wanna do it anymore’, workforces get cut in half because american car companies refused to make quality products when their competitors were doing so (bridgestone firestone lavergne plant cuts it labor force in half and closes plants across the country), my dad has friends at the bridgestone headquarters get laid off who have been there 20 years and have moved their entire lives from south america up here, people can’t pay their power bills, families have to choose between heating the house and buying food…

the world we live in is crumbling….it is beginning to slightly recover some but its still crumbling. and too many of these arrogant CEOs got golden parachutes.

my textbook warns of layoffs and budget cuts and impending dangers, but talks about these things as if they are a far off thing that everyone is working on fixing, and then BAM it happens months after the book is released.

just goes to show how fast our world can change.

on another note, mission trip dates came out at church today and i’m super excited about them. (guatemala, galveston, and gulfport hopefully) 🙂

oh and i know this note was somewhat depressing but it should also be eye opening to all of us and challenge each of us to do what we can for everyone around us every chance we get because we never know when we might be in their situation.


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