stuck here

i feel stuck here.

i want to travel the world.
i want to live in a city.
i want to win a lottery…of airline miles
i want to go to paris, london, rome, bangkok, sydney, guatemala city, and everywhere inbetween
i want to go back to colorado, chicago, texas, new york, philadelphia, DC, and go to san diego, seattle, portland, vegas, phoenix, and many other cities
i want to take road trips in my road trip perfect car

i want to go on mission trips across my city, country, and world.
i want to serve children in africa and guatemala
i want to spend a couple months abroad doing service work several times in my life
i want to see world leaders speak and talk to people who have always been ignored
i want to learn another language

i want to take all my friends with me to do these things
or at least one at a time

yet i am here in murfreesboro….

if anyone has ways to do any of these things on the budget of a college kid PLEASE let me know because i want to travel anywhere and everywhere anytime


One comment on “stuck here

  1. Whitney says:

    you can get sponsored by people to raise money for a mission trip done through one of those international organizations. that’s what kayla is doing…

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