oh the places you’ll go

every child should have books at home.
at least one.every child should get a new book at least once a year.i have a Little Brother in murfreesboro and for christmas i got him a little something including my favorite Dr. Seuss book “oh the places you’ll go“.

he was SUPER excited and proceeded to tell me that he’d never had a book at home besides ‘big chapter books‘ that his mom read.

this got me thinking about books and kids. i loved reading books when i was little. i always had books around me, at home, at school, wherever i was. but not every kid was as lucky as me, but every kid deserves a book.

in today’s times, some kids have so many unnecessary things like talking horses and cell phones while other kids don’t even have books at home.

i’d like to change that. i’d like to somehow start something that ensures that every child gets a new book every year. for younger kids i’d like to give them dr seuss books because i think those have a positive message and are just fun books to read. i’m not sure about kids older than that, i’ll work on that, but i think every child deserves a new book at least once a year, preferably once a month. children in the first grade like my Little Brother learn to read by reading books, and without books at home, they can’t practice outside of school.

i think every child and every parent should enjoy the irreplaceable times of bedtime stories once read by parents and later read by the kids as they grow older. i know this was a priceless part of my childhood and every child deserves that opportunity by having books at home.

i’d like to do something about this i’m just not sure where to start.


One comment on “oh the places you’ll go

  1. ~Sam says:

    http://www.dollysimaginationlibrary.com/howworks.phpWe tried setting this up in our town when i was involved with my high school student council.. it fell through for us but i think some other clubs have brought it in successfully.. great program though.

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